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  • Maybe you need to change your user name to 'Photonaholic in recovery' as we see no new stuff from you in a long time?? Did you get over yr laser addiction??

    Hope this reaches you and that you and yours are all well--len
    Wayne- the photo site download page is all in French-googles it and same thing?? Hak
    Wish I have taken more photos and took better care of the ones I did back then. I picked up one my old Nikon Fs the other day and had forgotten how damn heavy those old 35s were. For laser photos tho I am thinking better results and NO danger to the camera either- unlike digital. There is a bigger image of my Avitar in my photo albums- profile.- I still cannot PM or attach photos- IE issue I guess.- LPF for me at the moment is like being a guest (lurker)here but the prob is with my PC not LPF as you found out for me- thanks -several other members are offering possible solutions so, as usaual my issues will get fixed and i will learn some more about PCs etc,=Len</p></p>
    I once had an indigo- over in w.coast Fl-coolest snake ever-never heard of them biting- bluff yes but no bite-i fell asleep holding it one sunny Fl afternoon(hadn't learned how to sex them at that time)And that was the end of that.Not legal (at least that time) there-but I think Texas indigo is/was unprotected.We had a 8ft on display at the Gardens(google- Everglades Wonder Gardens and Lester Piper)I found a whole clutch of day old yard birds &after closing time she took 13 chicks from my hand and wolfed them down at a rate of 30 seconds each-and came back to the 'hole' for more. there was a hole about fist size at on end of her enclosure= She had been there for several yrs and when hungry she would come to the hole for whatever was on the menue-not a picky eater- never tried a hot dog but I would be surprized. A few times I would hold the food a few inches from the hole and she would come out grab the food and back in to hole. No constriction. Fastest eater I ever saw.
    Sorry to hear of your loss- I have only seen a red garter in photos-sad that he is gone.-. most first pet snakes are garters where I grew up-Ohio- no comparison color-wise to your red.--Len
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