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  • phoenix77; sorry I've been the gimp from day one. I have no excuses. Loosing the golden laser the way I did hurt, and hurt bad. I need to replace this, and make sure of the wavelength I want. Again, I want the less perceptible wavelength, but with a much more golden look to it. Do you think you could broker a deal for me? Again, I, my apologies, I really FOKED up, and you seem to be truly a gentleman. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Oh, also looking for high output IR (should be easy just take greenie apart, but I'm not so sure on the best wavelengths, ect.


    Try This.. contact the maker( Pharm)
    and explain your situation and ask if they can send you the meds for free. My SSI just changed because of my age- hope that does not mess with my meds or service at UTMB-
    Thanks Len. Gotta find time to answer all my PM's & Group messages too. I'm a bit overwhelmed ATM. LOL
    Plz accept the pending invite to J.O.G.-- add a new discussion if you like are post in one already there... maybe a new one along the lines of "Why we like JETLASERS"- that should bring lots of replies IMO
    Hello Rob, hope you are doing great and just wondering if you received the unit. Take care. :)
    I woukd REALLY like to see you in Help/suggestions board instead-seems like a better choice
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