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  • Hi Morgan, I need a few LASERs build... I read here that you make LASERs on order? I have the diodes and driver and lenses.. but I don't know what to do with them. Could you please help me out?
    Quit smokin along time ago,cant understand while people still smoke, although after all this time I have a hankerin for one once in a blue moon.while im out hunting and laserin. I get auwful hungry and theres nothing better than hunting or shining that beautiful 200 mw laser on a clear night.
    I wonder if we could get him to put some of that radiactive material in his shorts before he has any kids?:eg:

    That guy scares the hell o.ut of me, what happend to Darwinism.:beer:
    Hey Morgan, sorry for disturbing you and we wonder if 'other sleds" or 8x sleds are available for now. Thanks!:beer:

    I would like to achieve the same laser on the video: YouTube - DIY: How To Build A 1W Burning Blue Laser Torch!

    good start for me I know very little laser but the problem is that I do it or not buy all the components described in the video (Diode-140 and drive flex ...)

    So I ask you to help me in this quest

    I would like a minimum laser power 1watt

    Thank you

    they told me to contact you to make a laser

    Thank you for your response

    ps: I'm French and you speak french?
    Hi Morgan, thanks for your insight in a variety of discussions. You great, man. + Rep(I'm checking how to add it !) .
    Never a truer word... !

    I don't need a laser that flashes anyway! I'd rather build my own...
    It's good to loosen thing up especial with all the knuckleheads that are currently flaming and getting banned because their long hyped laser is a piece.
    I really wouldn't worry. It's Dr.Lava! He may be elusive at times but I'm not aware he's ever let anyone down. I'm looking forward to these corrective optics. I know he's active on PL too and they're the type of crowd that like precision and neat solutions. Will these beams ever be perfect? Probably not, but I feel this will be as close as we need. For pure power output we already have a good lens; Jayrob's; but for neatness I prefer this approach than anamorphic prism sets.
    Yeah, I was just looking for some reassurance, that I didn't for some reason miss why the list hasn't been updated. I'll wait it out a bit longer, and get in contact with him If I need to.
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