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  • Thanks for answering my friend request. I'm guessing you realize I'm the one your making that "kick rear end " laser for. Not pushing at all, ( would rather have a slow good build) just wanted to say"hi" and thanks , let me know if you need anything otherwise hope all is well�� BobMc
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    Dawinzi. I will do what I can for you here. Most of the info will be from the dioptika website so give me a bit and I will look for you. Anything in particular you wanna know?
    Mate, you promised me to send me some Product details about the Beam expander. Would be nice to know more about.
    hey do you still have any cool laserproducts for sale if so give dave a call at 951-238-7237 have cash in hand and/or paypal.
    Glutton, it appears you have two 445 diodes running. One of which is set at 1200mA. Would you be able to tell me which projector that diode came from? The A130? Or the A140? Thanks for your help..
    FS: 90mW 405nm laser, $45
    I want this laser if you still have it for sale.
    I'm in Las Vegas and have paypal waiting
    THANKS MAN. I APPRECIATE YOU FORGIVING ME! at least i know there are some cool/nice ppl on the forum! Thanks Bro!
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