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  • Hi, I heard you make custom hosts and am interested. Are you able to anodized? Also, is titanium a suitable host material seeing as it is not very conductive and power needs to flow from the tailcap to the driver?
    Hey rich i meant to ask what lense this is that came with the laser you sent me? I have a 3 element and it definitely has a better beam profile then the one that came with but i was looking around and was considering a g7 do you have any recommendations?
    239-333-8739 shoot me a text and i can send you pics of my Ophir 20c and also if you could send me some pics of your builds that would be awesome im a little rusty so im re learning how to navigate lpf
    How much would it cost to commision you to make something like Pl-e pro/mini? Also are you able to put locks in your lasers? Finally, can i have you make a laser instead of just buying the host?
    Do you happen to have any of those beautiful hosts left? If so, could you PM me the price? I'd like to build a 4W 470nm pointer with it.
    Hello there, I am in fact, the biggest noob on this site. So if I say or do something wrong understand I'm trying! :)). That being said, I'm looking for a blue laser for around $50-$60 range (if that's possible). I just want a quality laser with the strongest beam possible, without pot-modding. Any insight would be appreciated. Cheaper materials are welcome :) Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
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