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  • Hello there, I am in fact, the biggest noob on this site. So if I say or do something wrong understand I'm trying! :)). That being said, I'm looking for a blue laser for around $50-$60 range (if that's possible). I just want a quality laser with the strongest beam possible, without pot-modding. Any insight would be appreciated. Cheaper materials are welcome :) Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    VirtueViolater and Rich,

    The ID of those Sky Twangs is 22mm

    FYI - Those are 100% factory direct, I just didn't order many with Logos because I was trying to brand them as my own at one point, before I got stuck on these custom copper 510 builds I've been doing.. all over 6W and some over 7W. Not the season long duty cycle that Rich here likes, but still more than long enough for most enthusiasts.

    Rich, if you, or anyone else here, needs any measurements I will be more than happy to whip out the digi-caliper again for yas

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