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  • PLZ allow new member in
    my optics go-to guy KingKube-- joined today-- I cannot access his page.
    I know you wanted to push me over;) it's all good buddie,, more than half my rep is from you anyways:):)
    Only fitting as you started the rep fun, but I just got lucky as others were so close:beer:
    I can never do the rep math so I wasn't sure and didn't say anything!!
    Hey mate, could you send some warm weather over here..
    It's midsummer day and its 9°C, don't wanna go subzero yet.. :crackup:
    Were you talking about one of those large PCX lenses that you bought out? I would love to get one. Do you need my address again, or do you still have it? I will pay you for the lens. :)
    I didn't want to get Lifetimes thread way off track so I posted you here..
    No buddie, Laser Chick I believe set up a give away strickley just to get reps and asked straight outloud for them, so she can try to sell more..
    You did it plainly for the rep party and no bad intentions;):):)
    Oh just to add, I don't think she ever spread any herself??
    I am so happy you like the new module. I made sure you got a very low wavelength one. It is even a bit lower than my own. I hope it brings you lots of joy as mine has brought me. ;)
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