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  • REPEATED INFO In stock w/me in Tx
    demo-use 2pcs silver host PL-E 1W445-450 make offers
    NOT PRO PL-E....1ST generation silver PL-E..`
    EACH ~1W..lots of extras BUT JL did not make these threaded for the JL BEs--the Pros yes..not these two.. last ones out there.. enjoy it to death and you still have an awesome host for a new build AND w/unique internal focus. $200 each- both for $350.

    did I reply?? my bad if not.
    In stock w/me in Tx
    demo-use 2pcs silver host PL-E 1W445-450 make offers
    NEW full 1 yr warranty
    all black all Pro PL-Es
    3.4 W and 4 W 450nm
    1W 520 (GREEN DIODE)

    ALL SAME PRICE as at JL.org but till Xmas... free shipping to CONUS.
    add matching JL 10X BE for 10% off now only $90 free ship w/ laser buy.
    Yeah. I'm pretty far off on the West Slope. Spend most of my time in New Mexico though. You might want to check with some of the less active Colorado members. I believe Ultimatekaiser, Trevor, and Shakenawake are all in your area.
    I've got a couple I could sell, but I'm not really sure where you're located.

    <LI class=profilefield_category>About genericname "Location Colorado .".. NOT a whole lot 'about you' the rest is needed..
    Forgot I also have a Brand new Pro PL-E black 1W 520-(it makes 1200 mW)
    same deal-- JL price but free CONUS shipping til Nov 1
    Good deal! Enjoy and be safe. And welcome to the forum. You might want to make a welcome thread and introduce yourself. :)
    Beautiful unit and WL. Grab some safety glasses in the correct WL, your going to need them with that much power. Read up on the dangers of the blue WL. Use it with some wisdom and you should be ok. Just remember there's no "do overs" and eyes don't grow back.
    Best wishes with your purchase. If you get a chance, do a review with your thoughts. And beam shots! :)
    No never, bought quite a few from overseas and never had any problems. I believe JL has a delivery guarantee? You might want to ask them about it.
    It should all be covered in the price. Whatever the total at JetLaser is? You should be good to go there. :)
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