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    Post your random pics!

    Hi, Yes a heatgun works well to remove the diodes, I use a reflo gun to get my diodes out of a bank. both do the job without killing the diodes. Rich:)
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    New member

    Hi welcome to LPF enjoy Be safe Rich:)
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    Where to buy springboards ?

    Hi Red, No Problem Rich:)
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    FS : New Copper perfect for G8 lens

    Hi, I am not doubting T's modules he is well respected here and he has all my blessings. And no I am not asking to much only because I asked to see how much thread is needed to accomplish the FL on the G8 lens alone. As we all know the g8 lens has a tendency to focus out with only a few treads...
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    FS : New Copper perfect for G8 lens

    Hi, To see the focusing distance compared to the amount of threads being used with the 12mm module. It would be nice to make a video of how it will work under normal conditions in a hand held unit. Thats why I asked about a simple test at 15FT and further out. It just nice to see how it works...
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    Would this laser work?

    Hi, Why go through all of that when you can purchase a hand held laser at about 2W's for the purpose of burning stuff. Rich:)
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    Hello! Overwhelmed New Member

    Hi, What vendor are you getting these prices from and what is the raw output . Rich:)
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    Self defense

    Hi, The moral of the story I dont F.. ck with them and keep your distance, by the way if you did you can blind the bear forever and thats just plain down right mean. Rich:)
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    Hi, Welcome to LPF many great people here with lots of knowledge about our hobby. Stay safe and enjoy. Rich:)
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    Where to buy springboards ?

    Hi Red, I dont understand so excuse me for that. The topic says spring boards is that a contact board or a driver with a 17mm or 20mm diameter . Because if its a contact board Mountain electronics sells 20mm contact boards and also you can go to Osh Park site and send them a CAD and they will...
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    Repair of a partially dead LD

    Hi, That is not true sorry the ball lens diodes seat and press in a AiXiz 12mm copper module very well. I have done this a number of times with no issues. The only down side is we cant use a collimating lens to focus the beam. Then we must decan the diode to accomplish that. Rich:)
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    FS : New Copper perfect for G8 lens

    Hi G, I was only stating that the lens seats deeper thats a plus, instead of hanging on by two threads. But I would like to see the dot at about 15Ft. or so. This is a great addition to the G8 focal point. Rich:)
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    FS : New Copper perfect for G8 lens

    Hi T, Gets some pics of the beam to were focused to a dot further away. This pic doesn't say to much for the divergence on the NUBM44.But the lens seats deeper in the 12mm module. Rich:)
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    NDG7475 Crushed

    Hi, PM sent Rich:)