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  3. Lifetime17

    Buying a red laser pointer

    Hi Encap, Thanks for the great reply much appreciated buddy, I try to do my best and be fair for members and customers alike. Rich:)
  4. Lifetime17

    Buying a red laser pointer

    Hi Peter, No these are just some lasers I made for customer , I also have a private collection .. Rich:)
  5. Lifetime17

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    FOR SALE... 130.00 + shipping... Hi LPF, Here is a carbon fiber wrap host , housing a 488nm diode with a 2 Element lens. It holds 1X18650 battery Thank You Rich:)
  6. Lifetime17

    Buying a red laser pointer

    Hi, Yes that diode is gone years ago , its a 650nm / 200mW . I know yours on finding one but there are plenty other 650nm diodes available cheap .. Rich:)
  7. Lifetime17

    Buying a red laser pointer

    Hi Polska, Ok if you lived here in the US I could help you, But shipping to Poland and customs they might seize the laser. Yes as stated Sanwu is your best bet in receiving the 638nm red laser. They are a very trusted company and many members here have purchased from them . Rich:)
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    Ebay Laser Watchdog Group

    Hi,, Do you have any pics of your LPM's?? And if you do can we see it in operation measuring a wave length . Rich:)
  9. Lifetime17

    Buying a red laser pointer

    Hi Peter, Welcome to LPF , Are you for Poland or the US ?? Rich:)
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    New to the forum

    Hi, Welcome to LPF here you will find many nice folks and very informative. We also have a search bar to look up interests. Dont forget your safety glasses you will need them . Enjoy your stay and be safe always Rich:)
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    Mutant Fruit Thread

    Hi Encap, Holy crap you have an entire population of mutants awesome . Rich:)(y)
  12. Lifetime17

    Mutant Fruit Thread

    Now this is mutant ....... Rich:)
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    My laser 303 has issues. Please help.

    Hi Fusion, Well sorry to here that those 301,302, 303's aren't built the best and thats why they are cheap to start. The only way to get a good 445nm bring laser is to invest a little more money. And it will last longer and burn much better. You will also need a good pair of safety glasses to...
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    Where do you guys store your lasers?

    Hi, Great info but no need for pics we all at some time or another used those rubber caps for that purpose . All in all great info thanks . Rich:)
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    FOR SALE.. 40.00 + shipping Hi, Here is a C6 host aluminum extended heatsink and focus adapter prewired . Drop in your DTR 12mm module solder two wires.. Thank You Rich:)