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  • I duplicated my thread 2 times as I thought they were different rooms. Can you please delete the other 2?
    Hey Revolution,Dunno the meaning of this thread - http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/type-laser-50165.html - but it seems like a pretty poor spam attempt. There are a couple of nonsensical posts in the, 'Red Laser', section by the same guy, (and apparently his mate over at, 'Gadgetstore.com', by the looks of the deleted posts). I hope I haven't jumped on an innocent but it looked fishy to me.Many thanks,M:)
    Problem is not fixed- issue is at my PC--maybe IE?? LPF from friends PC works fine but not here. I was using DarkS= switched to default - no improvement-my modem dials-up netzero OK but in-box opens to a blank page-last time I added firefox to a PC there was IE 'conflicts'(?) with Windows IE- 140+ boxes cascading continiously until ISP cannection completed.and that is is in the shop now I am scared.- for lack of a better description- presently when I am at LPF (on this PC) it is just like being a guest- no PMs- no added photos and in the posts no green (is on-line now) indicator -no drop down box when left-clicked on usernames- it goes straight to users profile page and I can only send visitors messages- if they are on-line the green dot is there in profile but not in any threads. I cannot add any photos to my albums either. thanks for any help--len
    Hey Simon-- quick question--when I click on your user name I no longer get a drop down-instead it goes to your profile-also green dot showing on-line is not in posts any more -but is in profile- lastly- I can no longer PM anybody- just visitor messaging and no attachments added any more---any ideas what is up??---Len
    Hi, i'm making a 3d library of laser parts in google sketchup. Would it be possible to include the .skp file format as an attatchment type? No biggy iff not.

    I am selling rkcstr V3 adjustable drivers with a laser diode socket and wire sockets on it to make laser builds easier
    and I want to post a thread to see who may be interested

    I need to know how and where to post a thread for that
    Hey 2007revolution! Thank you so much for helping me get my laser, I have been having a lot of safe fun with it. My friends were also impressed with it's ability to burn and the distance from which the dot is visible. :)
    Anyway I am now to the point where I would like to move to the next level with my laser feddish and purchase a powerful greenie. I was wondering if you think this one from focalprice is worth buying, and if so, would I be able to do it through you? (I will as always include shipping and then some:) ) 200mW Green Beam Laser Pointer (Silver) - Focalprice.com
    Thank you so much for your time :D
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