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    Me gustan Rajoy y Carod. Me gusta esa simplicidad de poder decir...
    - Yo soy bueno, tu malo y, los de en medio, están equivocados. (Fantástico.) El que hable con ETA es malo... Carod habló con ETA, pues Carod es malo.
    - Pero tu también hablaste con ETA.
    - Sí, pero yo soy yo y yo soy bueno. Yo puedo hablar con ETA.
    - Y el PSOE?
    well I see that you do sometimes stop here-- how are you doing?
    see my 'thread' about a short meet in DFW in about two weeks- we will kick around ideas for a big meet in the future--hak

    PM me a number i can reach you at when i return to DFW from SELEM event. aug 22
    Hey kevin, Do you have any lasers for sale, and if so, are you anywhere near dallas/fort worth. Also, do you know any stores in Texas that deals in laser goods?
    dear kevin. i am interested in your 50 buck laser. wht type bateery does it use, best guess @ power output. charger? please email me at
    k2flash@gmail.com. thanks in advance.

    gordon kevin keith porter
    Jack at opto, has been waiting for a new batch of RPLs. He will pick a sweet one out for me. Last I heard, he was expecting them by the end of this week.
    Wich laser ??
    I wont a bruning laser,lighting matches,pop ballons,good beam e.t.c
    I can pay at 50$.
    Hahaha okay - most of my friends are going to be at an event off-campus tomorrow (err, today), so I'll probably be able to get some photos and a review written then.

    He said he and his wife were going to "take a few days" to decompress after the business part was done.
    I have not heard from him again. If you need anything specific, I do have his number. I can call him for you. However, remember, he is not at home.
    Yes, It is still going. I have around 11 hours on it W/ short duty cycles (<45 sec.) it is putting out around 380mW now.W/ G-1-650 glass lens.
    It seems to be degrading a little (down from 386mW)
    I am very surprised it has lasted this long at that power.
    Might be a freak diode.
    When it blows, I have another one to swap out into it, and we will see.
    I got it in GB #8. Apparently Glenn should get the units soon, so I should get it late next week maybe?

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