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    I am selling rkcstr V3 adjustable drivers with a laser diode socket and wire sockets on it to make laser builds easier
    and I want to post a thread to see who may be interested

    I need to know how and where to post a thread for that
    Hey 2007revolution! Thank you so much for helping me get my laser, I have been having a lot of safe fun with it. My friends were also impressed with it's ability to burn and the distance from which the dot is visible. :)
    Anyway I am now to the point where I would like to move to the next level with my laser feddish and purchase a powerful greenie. I was wondering if you think this one from focalprice is worth buying, and if so, would I be able to do it through you? (I will as always include shipping and then some:) ) 200mW Green Beam Laser Pointer (Silver) - Focalprice.com
    Thank you so much for your time :D
    Hey, I already sent you a pm, but you haven't responded.

    When you have time, pm me back and we'll exchange info.

    I'm only ordering one DX laser now (100mW Bluray)

    Thank you :bowdown:
    High, i accidently posted something in the wrong thread, can you remove it?? ( I was told you were the guy to ask )
    Hello 2007Revolution, i was wondering if you are still doing the DX Shipping Service to US --New shipping options-- deal? if you are i want this:

    High-Power 200mW Red Laser Pen (Burns Match + Visible Beam Daytime) Sku 11315

    the link is: DealExtreme: $29.53 High-Power 200mW Red Laser Pen (Burns Match + Visible Beam Daytime) priced at $29.53

    my forum ID is: xTheWarningx

    I would like my laser tested by your before you ship it to me, and either pm me on here the power in mw, or write it on a piece of paper and put it in the package you are shipping it in. but please be careful and don't break it or anything:) i would like the standard $6 shipping without tracking ID.

    I will send you the money via PayPal when you reply to this pm and tell me that you still are doing the service, and after i send you the money via PayPal you can place the order for me:)

    Thank you so much!

    Hey man can you send me an invoice to my paypal account at nrust69@hotmail.com for the red 200mw laser from DE? Thanks man.
    hey i saw your reply to my thread.can you buy me the laser and ship it to my house?here is a link to the laser i want to buy from deal extreme:DealExtreme: $31.86 High-Power 200mW Red Laser Pen (Burns Match + Visible Beam Daytime)

    So how r we gonna do this?
    Potatorage says you have a CNI 175mw to sell at 200 US$, can you tell me something more, like:
    - how much time have you used it
    - how are its condition (do you have a picture?)
    - have you checked the power output with a LPM?


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