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  • I see you got the osram 50mw 520nm... I was hope you would be getting it. how much mah should drive it to get them most mw and still have good life?
    Got any pictures of the M Series power supplies? I can't really find any info on them. I'm mainly interested in the rating on the capacitors. Thanks Jordan!
    Hi Jordan. I just ordered the A140/ microburst model from you. Hope I bought the correct unit. Do you have batteries/ charger or will this do Amazon.com: 4pcs Ultrafire 18650 4000 mAh 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery + 1pcs charger: Electronics.
    Thank You.
    Hello. I just ordered the Sky Ray host kit from your site and being my first build was wondering if you could tell me what products of yours to buy next to complete the build. I saw the battery extension mod after the fact, Will this build a blue unit?. I want to buy he parts for your best/powerful build. Since I am new to this, if you offer a diy kit with the critical assembly work done that would be good as well. I paid through PayPal.
    Thanks for your time.
    Hi, i've been interested in buying your 2W 445nm Copper Blue Laser Module W/X-Drive & 405-G-2 Glass Lens module and just wondering, is the X-drive heatsinked, or will i have to apply a small metal heatsink to it? Thanks
    Do you still have the PT-121 red led assembly for sale? I also would be interested in a 500mw 638nm module when they are back in stock.

    Have you tried Lazeerer here on LPF? I believe that is one of the ones he offers.:)
    please could you help me find a seller, selling fandyfire copper heatsinks? i hear your the one to ask. thanks in advance, ed
    Hey DTR, my name is Chris and I am doing my first build. I bought a C6 JAD kit from mohgasm with the driver set at 1.8 A. I would like to by one of your 445nm, the M140 with module and 3 element work ok with this set up? or should it be better to go with g2 lens set up? I'm gonna try and order one tomorrow.Thanks, Chris
    I am interested in where you obtain some of the interesting gadgets, like laser output power meter. I have built my own laser circuit based on the LM317 adjustable voltage regulator. I am obsessed with lasers and I want to take it as far as I can.
    Whoa! Incredibly quick responses and item ordered was shipped HOURS later. Amazing and informative posts. Thanks very much. I can't wait to see how the module looks!
    Im new to the forum and it was recomended that i check out your posts. Also it turns out that we are nearly neighbors (near columbia,mo).May make doing business with you easy. Hope to catch up with ya soon.
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