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    Donating to LPF

    Dec. donation made. Sorry for the delay, I had surgery on Dec. 1st & have kinda been out of it. Thanks for LPF, Avery !!!!
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    Donating to LPF

    November Donation sent :-) Although I haven't been active lately due to failing health, i still love LPF for good friends, interesting reading, & remembered good times. Thanks for LPF Avery !!! Phoenix 77/rob
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    FYI, I just received my laser shirt from Reuben & IS IT NICE!!!! Would highly recommend purchasing one if Reuben has any. They are high quality & the graphics are AWESOME & in bright yellow (my shirt is black). Thanks Reuben for the fine shirt ! I love it !
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    Hi Avery, with great sorrow I'm gonna have to ask you to remove me from the list of moderators...

    Hi Avery, with great sorrow I'm gonna have to ask you to remove me from the list of moderators please. My health has been very poor lately & I'm going in for more back surgery on 10/13/14. Please accept my apologies for this but I feel I can no longer fulfill my moderating duties effectively...
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    Donating to LPF

    August donation sent. Thanks for LPF Avery.
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    Donating to LPF

    Donation made for July ! Thanks for all your devotion to LPF Avery, it's very much appreciated :-) rob/phoenix77 (did I just beat jayrob for July ?)
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    Donating to LPF

    Donation for June sent ! Thanks for our treasured forum Avery.
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    Donating to LPF

    Donation sent for May ! Sorry it's late :( Thanks for the great forum Avery !!! rob
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    Trying to build a ~500 mw burning laser

    What about using Butane from a lighter filler instead of Propane ? At least it will come in smaller/cheaper, easily transported cans !
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    Bruce, LOVE your photo for REKE/ILDA MOST EXCELLENT !!!!

    Bruce, LOVE your photo for REKE/ILDA MOST EXCELLENT !!!!
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    Donating to LPF

    Just now made my monthly donation ! Sorry I was so late with it :( rob/phoenix77
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    CLOSED/MOVED- New thread in OP, Combined everything in one place

    Re: UPDATED- MASSIVE SALE- C6 Heatsinks (Cu & Al), Flashlight, Batteries, Parts, etc. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAL !!! :) Wish I had some $$$ to take part in your sale.
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    JETLASERS(L@@K) For Sale EQ 635/400mW & 1W 445 Pl-E

    Re: JETLASERS EQ 635/400mW & 1W 445 Pl-E You are doing ONE HECK OF A GREAT JOB on these laser comparison/reviews Hak :) I & I'm sure Gray of JL. approve whole heartedly. Gray must really be pleased they are now posted ! Sorry for my electronics troubles Gray.... but Len has picked up the ball...
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    Sodium metal

    Reading these posts promptede to recall an experience of mine, many,any moons ago when I was a Teaching Asst. Freshman year high school in '69. I read VERY LITTLE about NA metal & its properties ( STUPID !!!) & decided I wanted some myself. Well, I "liberated" some from the Chem. Store room...
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    Which one would you hail too?

    Twas a private sale :)