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  • Phoenix77, Our customer service rep will contact you later today with regards to the replacement, please keep you contact way open. Thanks.
    Thanks for the welcome note. I don't mind befriending you but I'm sceptical as to what it is for. I have befriended people on other forums and then had nothing to do with them ever since. I don't mean to be rude, just I don't understand it's use???
    Really all you had to do is reformat the hard drive nothing big! They must have really ripped you if it cost a bunch to reformat your hard drive!
    Aww you should have went with windows 7 its alot better and its only 79.99!
    Best Regards,
    hey did you get your pc virus fixed I could maybe help if you need it! saw a post about it pm if you need help!
    do you sell lasers? i bought one for 54 dollars put it together it light 2 matches then burnt out.
    Rob, the laser and the closure should be shipping tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as it leaves my hands!
    Rob, I got the tutorial posted! Please give me about one week from today to get the completed laser, and the enclosure shipped out to you. I'll just need your address in the meantime!


    Hey! Just to let you know, I'm getting a small HV project done here at the dorm, then I'm going to clear my desk to make a small Micro Labby tutorial. Once that's finished, I'm sending it off to you!

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