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  • I don't have the 1000 posts needed for access to the veterans section <yet> but i sure wish I could vote in the poll Alaskan has up there.
    Please contact me privately.
    10 Years In - I Quit - Goodbye LPF - Laser Pointers

    Will you please unlock the Veterans Section for me. I now meet the criteria.

    Thank you,

    Bob Snyder
    Hello how are you, I am new to these forums. I am basically trying to get in touch with someone who can make me a custom laser. I was hoping someone would harvest some 50w blue lasers from DLP projectors and maybe use knife edging to link them together. Basically a handheld stand alone device with it's own power source and on / off switch. Would you happen to know anyone on here with those technical abilities?
    Hi I dont know how to start a forum but heres my questionn. :) .Im making my own laser it is 1w and max input of amps is 1.2 and I bought a driver that has a default current of 1.3 amps... what would happen if I used it like that? also the current is adjustable, how would I regulate the current without burning out my diode? please help, thanks

    I accidentally double posted because the message about pending approval redirects too quickly.

    Can you please delete the post I made today? Hopefully the one from last night will be approved

    Hi Avery, with great sorrow I'm gonna have to ask you to remove me from the list of moderators please.
    My health has been very poor lately & I'm going in for more back surgery on 10/13/14. Please accept my apologies for this but I feel I can no longer fulfill my moderating duties effectively. Thanks for affording me this privilege while I had it. I'll try to stay on as a loyal LPF member as long as possible.
    Thanks for being my friend.
    Yup yup. When I can't contribute with cash, I'll contribute in publicity and reviews. But basically I make cash donations after I've cleaned my PP account out and have $1 - $5 left. :beer:
    I have sent the following message to Laser Smith: "I don't think it fair that you have given me negative rep. Bloompyle is building me a laser and I was joking with him about it by putting question marks after quoting him. I had also put in a legitimate comment to the OP regarding his comments to which he replied to me with a very funny post. My other post was also in direct response to KkapHn8d and was relevant given the humorous content. I DID make the mistake of quoting each forum member and I did not realize this was a problem since the quotes did not include pics thus not causing any band with problems. Please rescind your negative rep as it is very unfair and unkind. Thank you."

    I don't know if he CAN remove the negative rep he gave me. Could you possibly address this situation. Thank you
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