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  • Hello,

    We have found numerous sources of a green laser <5mW but we need to find a company that can make a cap for the laser that will project and image of various letters to the size of approximately one half inch at a distance of approximatley twelve feet. It seems that this is a problem. We are novices on the function and science of lenses and projected images. It seems there are a number of novelty images available but no one seems to be able to provide what we are looking for. Would appreciate any advice
    Wholesales for laser pointer from boblser

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Glad to contact you.

    Glad to hear that you're on the market for laser Lighting. We are a leading company with 5 years' experience in lasers export business. We are writing to extend our desire that we want to have business cooperation with you.

    We can supply 532nm Green Laser Pointer ,

    405nm/473nm Blue Laser Pointer ,

    650nm Red Laser Pointer ,

    589nm Yellow Laser Pointer

    All the products certificated with CE/ ROHS /FDA.





    Diamond Business Centre, Gong Yi Road,
    Hua Du District, Guangzhou, China

    [E-Mail] karen@gzbob.com
    [MSN] bob-sales10@hotmail.com
    [Off] 0086-20-36881420
    [Mob] 0086-13430367130
    Thank you so much for the kind & sincere words, Leo. It's really fine to hear a description of yourself like this from another Member, but to have it written down where all can see it, makes your words all that much more sincere. Thank you so much, but I don't get out to BRAZIL too often, lol.....................rob
    This is for rob, the guy that moderate our 'donations' section ;) (thanks). Even being difficult to him, he does his best in LPF, helps everyone, newbie or veteran. Rob, you truly deserve a medal. After talking via PMs in a very small time, I can feel you a very good and trustworthy person, an examplar human being, friend, and laserist. I would be a very, very lucky person if I could know you personally.

    - Leo
    Really doesnt matter. I work as a Paramedic, so, I hate to sink a ton of money in one, with the possibility of it getting broke. But I want atleast 1 watt or greater, prefer blue, green, red, or violet. If you have anything let me know. I have seen some on here for sale, I have been talking with Eudomanium about what my uses for it would be. No luck on his end either. Ebay is scary because there is no telling what I will get from there. Let me know what you have, if you have anything. I would appreciate it.

    You have any for sale 1w or >? i have been looking for one, but everyone on ebay has gone nuts, so, looked at the arctic, and well, u know. I know there are some out there. Just have to find it. Let me know

    Saw your post, I have been looking at the ones for sale. There is a guy in Cali who said he has one, but haven't heard back from him.


    Jason Todd
    T.Y. Rob for all you do.,:thanks:

    T.Y.:thanks: Gray for being so kind to our good friend ROB>>he deserves it!!:wave:
    :)happy birthday Rob!!! WOOT!!:bday: 56!!!!

    Len (who's yer buddy?)
    Okay. Hurrying the models owed at the moment and I just found a new PL-C 150mw 532nm is available and think of shipping it out to you. Is that ok? God bless you...Gray
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