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  • Did you see the 1st photo I posted in the MULTI-MEDIA SECTION ? Kinda busy right now with decorating the house, setting up the tree, etc, for CHRISTMAS. Also limited as to what I can do right now as my internal pain pump has a rip in the catheter, therefore the medication isn't making it to my spine where it's needed but rather it's pooling just under the pump itself. I have a specialist's appt. on Mon. (12-10-12) for a consultation prior to some repair surgery. Sorry for the delay, but I PROMISE a rockin' PHOTO HEAVY review of this beast !!!
    Gears of War and Mass Effect series run on Unreal Engine, albeit slightly modified for each game but the core is still there.

    Coalesced file is the collection of variables accessible in one place for final tweaking of the game for optimum balance etc etc before release. So you can only mod whatever the Coalesced is designed to store.

    But we go lot bigger than that, already being able to swap out meshes, sounds, animations, even logical sequences, we're starting on animations now...

    Basically our toolkit will be a homemade, Do-it-yourself UDK.

    Entire project is open source and anybody can join. We have our code repository set up on SourceForge's Subversion repo and we use Microsoft Visual C# 2010 for all coding work.

    If you could spare some time to check it out, or join up as a developer, it'd be awesome!
    Hey man, your website and project look very impressive! Unfortunately, I do not own an Xbox and honestly, never plan on it either. I'm a modder and beginner programmer etc etc, but only PC-games and projects related. Sorry!

    On the other hand let me counter-offer that, check out my signature, you might find yourself right at home at ME3Ex project!
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