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May 5
Allentown, PA
Building Automation


ILT 5500KR krypton only air cooled ion 100mW 647.1nm | ILT 5500AR argon only air cooled ion >300mW multiline
Omnichrome 643 air cooled Ar/Kr ion 10mW 676.4nm 647.1nm 568.2nm 488nm 476.2nm (high hours)
Spectra Physics 127 >30mW 632.8nm HeNe | Uniphase 1.5mW 543.5nm GreeNe
Coherent Innova 90 argon ion water cooled ??W (got plasma, alignment in progress)
Coherent 60W 830nm water cooled diode brick | Shenhui Laser 40W 10600nm water cooled CO2

(9:03:50 PM) Picasso: the best guys i saw ever at burning man was two dudes dressed as all green army men shooting pants at naked guys


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