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  • we had you on our MIA list..... great to see/hear from you..I still have my 145mW ML that I had to have after seeing your pics!! TY- that's one I will keep --PM coming
    Hey man. It says that your being active on the forum. Why won't you respond to my messages ? : (

    Really wanna hear from you, Kyle
    Hi Jason, Haven't heard from you in a while & was wondering how the repairs were going ??????? Please message me when you have time OK ?? thanks, rob
    Hi Jason, just a quick note to find out if you had any success with fixing the 473nm in it's original 'host' ? If not, how is the conversion to a 'portable labby' coming ? Did you happen to get those other parts sent out to me (diodes & drivers) ???? Please don't forget to send me the original host that the 473 WAS in when you send me the finished 'labby' alright ? What do ya think that we should do about that GREENIE ? Do YOU have any ideas as to what can be made in that host in the way of a HI-POWERED GREEN ? What would it cost me for you to get that thing to put out 300 plus mW's ? Please let me know ASAP OK ? Thanks sooooo much for EVERYTHING JASON, you're the BEST.............rob

    i herd you can help me out wit 473nm

    i have a broken one wich is some Laserver LSR473ML-20 it needs new 808nm diode and setup with kristals

    how much it gona cost me to fix it?

    how many watts or mW i need to get 20mW blue?


    That is really strange... my DOB should be Dec. 6th 1985... now it says 1990... wtf haha....
    My PM message don't work; so i will spam you profile page =)
    In fact I asked you if you have contacted CNI about their OC mirror (to know their price) ? i contacted them last thursday and no response, perhaps you had more luck than me ?
    Thanks for your advice about DPSS green laser. It's true (as always) and helpful :yh:
    Bye !
    Howdy ! the pic of the laser dots is on it's way to you.
    have a great day !

    Pyro... :eg:

    P.S. why dose your date of birth keep changing ?
    Hello GG I got a pic of the two lasers, they are on my prfiles page try to look there.

    BR Pyro... :eg:
    Hey man, did you ever get my last messages? Have you sent him the old driver?

    Iv had this money order for a while to send to him but I haven't yet because I don't know if you have sent out the driver

    Get back to me, Kyle
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