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  • You must definitely read the studies about LLLT. There are hundreds of them and you think laser therapy works as placebo effect. This is definitely wrong!

    Placebo effect is not a real treatment of course. But to understand the real effectiveness of laser therapy they use 2 groups. Placebo group and laser group. If there is a significant difference between them (i mean laser therapy found more effective), then you can't say lasers only shows placebo effect! That means they are more effective than placebo..

    How can you say i'm making these things up even though i added the proven studies and defending these things? This is totally wrong..
    After doing a lot of searching for answers. i found the right way to hook up power supply with anolog controler. my next question. how much air should i put through the blower nozzle. how much psi or willjust a airbrush compresser do?
    hi is there a way i can make this barska laser site brighter you cant see the dot on a bright day..its holds 0 perfect just not bright enough help
    G' Day mate !
    How is the situation at yours? Since yesterday i try to get in contact with my friends at Whitsunday's. No answer. Yasi seams to be a Horror Storm.
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