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  • Thankyou very much! It is a real desert eagle magnum .44 caliber...but you have given me a very good idea

    Ill play around with it later to see if i can get some cool beams coming out of the barrel and put them in an album, or in the forums.

    Thanks again for the compliment, made my day
    Yo Jai
    Tested out your motor with magnet theory.
    I used a PC fan with 4 rare earth magnets and use a Pasta sauce jar with glitter.
    YouTube - Laser, Spinning Water
    To cycle through modes you just do quick on/off's. I am not sure about groups though. I know I have built a couple with modes and ended up in different groups but never bothered to try to get it into another group. I guess I will have to look that one up. Most of the units I have done with these drivers has been with the modes bypassed and straight wired for full power all the time.
    Pot-modded? POT-MODDED? But...but...I'll run for an hour and then melt and someone's going to post on a website saying my website is crap!

    hey what 405 model from rayfoss do you have and how much was it? I really like what it looks like from your pictures!
    Well I already looked for slug toys and figurines. Nothing much there. Maybe Jayrob but I was more thinking of Tesla. He's got that 3d printer.
    I wanted to implement a little motor that would draw out the module
    im building way smaller version for someone and one for a competition next year. that one got a first in regional and in state competition.
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