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405nm 1013mW In Cree Z5 , 850mW LaserGLow Electra Mod , 583mW C3 BDR
445nm 3.6W Monster Freak TEC 9mm, 3.1W Fat Boy Build , 2.9W Big Stainless , 2.7W Big Black, 2W Arctic G2 , 1.8W C13
473nm 178mW CNI-PGL-III-C , 56mW CNI-PGL-III-C
488nm 52mW OPSL SAPPHIRE 488-50, 59mW SS Melles Griot BCD-50&BCD-25 35mW
515nm 83mW Direct Green Diode Fully Custom Host
532nm 617mW RPL Style , 213mW CNI-PGL-III-A , 120mW DIY SS C3
589nm 130mW CNI-PGL-III-A
594nm 13mW CNI-PGL-III-C
632nm 4mW HeNe
635nm 1130mW Fenix TK35 ML501P73 , 918mW Small Sun ZY ML520G71
650nm 1056mW Polished CNI-PGL-C Mod, 5W Custom Build Red Devil
658nm 430mW LOC 826 Brinyte A20 , LCC 390mW C3 3 mode
660nm 500mW SS LQ ignis
671nm 800mW PowerModulem, 9mW Black Pen
685nm 44mW MXDL 2x AAA Pen, 41mW, 130mW Stainless Shadow
780nm 127mW Pen
808nm 758mW Fire Dragon From DJNY
LPM's 2W/5W Ophir
SPECTROMETER - 390nm to 980nm

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