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  • You still have your small driver for sale, right? I love it, had been getting from Chuck or Jordan... Mitch (RDTECH)
    Thanks again for your latest response to my questions! ;) I just checked out your album, those are some amazing pictures! Great work!:topic:
    Thanks for the + :) If you decide to do an instructional build video that would be amazing!

    Some things I'm a bit confused with is does the test load have to simulate the exact voltage used by each specific diode, or does it just have to simulate the mA required? Is it that the testload just simulate the current / voltage? that is "used" from the driver by the diode and does it test whether the driver can handle this?

    Also maybe the differences between voltage requirements of different diodes, whether they are case negative and case positve, and some clips of soldiering the diodes, the drivers etc..

    Of course this is only if you end up deciding to do the video and have the time or the interest to work on it at some point. :)


    Yes i tried the driver, but my diode died i didnt test with testload, i am in slovakia for two weeks, i will test it when i get back.

    i will get new m140 diode after i get back from dtr, ill test then. thanks man :beer:
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