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Ray J Neal
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  • Hey Ray ,
    i bought Guidesman #2 Host Kit, w/ Polishing & Driver Heatsink on 6 August 2011
    and we now 24 September 2011
    So i just want some update because now i have my diode waiting for 2 month so check about it and response !
    Dear Ray,
    I would like to know if you still have 3 kits of "Guidesman Host Kit" (model 1, not 2) and 3 driver's heatsinks for them. I'm from Argentine. Thanks in advance.
    I've had so many positive comments on those hosts you build for me. Thanks again Ray!
    Even my girlfriend thinks they're beautiful, and she's pretty immune to laserdry at this point :)
    Hi Ray

    I have just ordered a 445 1 watt laser in the aixiz module also the microflex 1.5 A driver.
    will this fit and work well in your 14500 kit.

    Paul Aldridge
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