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  • oops, hit enter before I finished writing.

    "lol, undergrad. flaunting your credentials before you get them. :)"
    hey there flaminpyro! I am buying the laser he is showing off , and once you are back up in operation I plan on adding a blue trit cone from you :)
    I live in New Zealand ... By the time we convert Currecy it will be QUITE an investment if I buy one . as a new memeber I need to learn a lot , seems like a good place to start :)
    You're welcome and sorry for so long in getting back to you. I am extremely busy finishing up my MBA and dealing with family obligations.

    Tell me a little about your background, age, studies, etc., and I'll try to give you the best advice I can.

    It's the truth to be sure, I seriously believe you have helped a lot of people with that thread and I for one will get it sticked right now :D
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