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  • Christian Lee please contact me or I will open a claim on paypal. Thanks
    Hello Chris, Its very easy to open up a new thread. Should take you no time at all.:)Just Repost it add some Pictures and you should not have a problem reselling it.:) You are the second person in history to ever sell one of my builds.:p and to be one of a Kind Kills me to see you sell it. Better think hard about selling it because iam not making anymore like that.;) If you need a Middle Man for the sale i dont mind doing it for you.:) However keep in mind please state the cosmetic condition of the laser in your thread and it must meat those conditions.
    PM me if you need anymore help.:) Visitor messages section is not the place to be talking about this since it takes up alot of room.
    Hey Chris, You are More then welcome to re sell it in the Buy/sell/trade section if you need the Money.:) Pretty surprised though to hear you selling that 1 of a Kind Piece though.

    If you have any other question PM me.

    Cheers :beer:

    You just bought it 2 days ago.LOL Please re read our Private messages. I told you it will take 7 days to get ou tto you. THen you wanted it polished. I told you that is at mininium an Aditional 5 days on top that.

    Please be patient. It has been 2 days and i know you are excited but you have to be patient.

    PM me if you want to talk. No need to post here.:D
    If you are referring to the Ehgemus host I LOVE that laser and would rather keep it than sell it for anything less than $300
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