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ArcticMyst Security by Avery


Northern CA, U.S. Astrophotography! (Some of my Ph
Swimming Pool Contractor


Personal lasers:
(just a few - too many to list) RPL 425, Sypder III Krypton, RPL 35 (473), GLP-473, GLP-593.5, HeNe 632.8,
Many DIY 445, red, blu-ray, green, 635, and 450 builds...

Looking for a DIY kit?

Take a look at some of my more popular kits linked in color... :)

* FS: New! 1000 Lumen XML-2 Maglite Modification With Voltage Monitor! - Parts or Complete Light! Must see!

* FS: Large Maglite Monster Kits! Side Button Forward Clicky! Custom Head Option! :cool: Gnarly...

Click here for a list of my build kits! Projects and tutorials too! :D


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