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  • Howdy! It's been a hard year. Classes? I'm in 5th year of Industrial Engineering now, hoping to graduate next year :D! Photography? I've been using my D90 to cover press events here:

    TechnoBuffalo ES | ¡Sumergite en la tecnología!

    That's right! I opened a Spanish division for TechnoBuffalo.com, I have a team of 6 writing news stories about consumer electronics and mobile tech. Me? I do the reviews! (besides managing the whole site). You can watch me move my hands like a crazy man here: youtube.com/technobuffaloes

    Regarding your awesome-looking new toy: I've been using my photon blasting barrel quite a lot these past few days. We've been suffering issues with power. That is, no electricity in 48hs, which means no water for 36 hours :'(

    Now, onto you! What have you been up to? Please, do tell!!
    Hello Trav
    Do you play " Dead Space 2 " at PC ? I got that Game but i dont find out how to change to play it with my Gamepad. I dont like playing with Keybord. Any help ?
    I just tryed to visit your impressive Knife Link but i'm not able anymore :huh:
    I just loved the Damast from Victorinox !!!
    Dude, way cool!!! Sorry for the late reply but with the holidays, I don't make it to LPF on a regular basis. Speaking of holidays, all the best to you (and your VM-sidekick David ;) in 2011!!!
    Hey man, thanks! It's a Bamboo Pen & Touch from Wacom. Today I tried it out fully and did my first contour+colouring drawing ever on PS, I need a lot of practice and drawing tips as well.

    http://imgur.com/VncWi.png (did it quickly, and it's my first)

    Too bad the nibs (pen's tip) wear out pretty fast. I used it for about 5 hours and it's already been worn out quite a bit (I apply the least possible pressure). I'll try to get a small and thin piece of glass and put it over the tablet so as to use a smoother surface. Any recommendations regarding this? Do you know anything else that could be smoother and more comfortable to draw on?
    I'm getting a Wacom tablet soon :p Hopefully I'll learn how to portray Chuck Norris roundhouse kicking the heads off of some zombies soon.
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