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  • Wow, I haven't been into that in months! But back then 18 sec was my personal best. ;) If you haven't tried the GuHong I highly recommend it.
    You should make a laser showoff thread so I can see some pictures of some of your nice looking collection!
    You're welcome! :L

    Just didn't agree with what you were saying ... can hardly even remember what it was now anyway, nothing personal!!
    After that post in yob's thread, I must ask, why is the PGL-III-C saftey features, mainly the 5 sec delay such a problem for you, what 'project' are you planning? If it was momentary on/off switch then I wouldnt like the delay either. But with a clicky type switch, I actually like the delay.
    Though I am not complaining, I am very happy you didnt buy that laser, cause its mine now:na:
    it's not the switch (I thought it might be, and it actually has started rattling a tad...) and I'm pretty sure it's not the batteries, but that may be it... Thank you so much for all the testing and such that you have done, and I will most likely end up selling it or something of that sense because this project is simply "cursed" at this point. Thank you so much for all the extensive testing and fixing you have done, and I really truly appreciate all the help and time you have dedicated to this project. If I could ask for a personal opinion, do you think I should just put it FS in current condition, or should I send it to you, or... :confused:. Well thanks again and have a great day! -cmak

    EDIT: oh and it didn't break 10 minutes after I got it... it broke 10 minutes before I wrote the message. I had successfully used it for at least a couple hours (focus adapter working perfectly). Thanks again!
    If you want me to "attempt" to repair it again, expect to pay for all parts, labor, and shipping (without whining). Also be prepared for it not being disassembled cleanly. If I find any of the glue seals broken, I will simply ship it back to you
    It didn't have anything to do with the focus adapter last time either, but that is ground we've already covered. I turned it around "quickly", because I didn't wait for Glenn to return to re-build it. When I found him out of town, I picked up a sled from another source and rebuilt it last week. I used it EVERY day for a week, with burns up to 90 seconds long and it worked fine. Yet within 10 minutes of you receiving it, it is broke again. There is something else in your environment (or your actions) causing the problem. Repairing it again will not be as easy and will not be free again. As you needed, I glued it all together this time. As I warned you, opening it is going to be more trouble now and may cause more damage. If you are sure that your battery is charged well, my only other idea would be the clicky switch.
    Contact Glenn (ScopeGuy20). Send him the money for the sled. Tell him to give the sled to me. He and I will work it out.

    This will be my last communication with you about it
    How much it is costing you is really not any of my concern. You opened the laser. You operated it in a a manner that is not normal. Why in the world would you, "Twist the EZfocus Adapter extensively, with the battery out" if you were not trying to disassemble it? All I have done is assemble your parts and repair it, for free, after you opened it. Yet you want to make me responsible for the costs.

    I'm not going to argue with you about what you did or didn't do nor what you told me the first time compared to what you told me after I told you what I found. You and I both know that you attempted to open the laser. I'm going to fix it, again. I'm not going to charge you for my labor, again. This time, I'm going to glue it all in place. It's going to be just like a laser shipped from China. You won't be able to open it to fix it again without major effort and potential damage. I'm going to ship it to you signature confirmation. Then I'm going to loose your address.
    I am back home again. I do NOT have any more 6X's on hand. We will have to order one. You can have Modwerkz, HighTechDealz, or Scopeguy20 ship one directly to me if you want. I think that they all have them in stock right now. Since the preliminary work is done, it will only take one day after I have the sled to turn everything around. I don't have to wait for any adhesive to cure on the heat sink/spacer.
    Sorry. If you hadn't noticed, I spend very few weekends at home. I'll be back either Monday evening or Tuesday morning. I THINK that I have one more 6X on hand ($60). I would NOT recommend running an 8X off of a single 10440.
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