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  • Hey dude. Just wondering if you could tell me how to "spead" some rep around. Wanted to give props to some people out there.

    Could I order one of these from you:

    One each 5.6mm steel press tool with brass aligning collar and one 5.6mm diode extractor tool $31.00 set.

    + ordinary post to the UK,


    Holly shit.... 59!!! Take that off your profile old man. I hear 60 is the new 40. Any way helene and i want to get away from the kids, im gonna talk her in to a wilderness trip since we dont ever leave the city. Are there any cabins or hotels in you're location ide like to meet you before obama care kills you..lol long time no chat this economy is really fucking me updont have time for hobbies. Im trying to succeed in small. buisness but its more work than i though, and the. Momoneys not flowing like i want it to, but i did get a nice tax relief ...hit me up grandpa. .....dave
    I really really need 3 p3 flex mods. Some how all three I had went up in flames. No idea why but it took out a 520nm diode with it. LEt me know if you have them and how much
    Hello there Jeff!!
    First of all, greets for all your creations!! they are just awesome.
    Well, I'm searching for a custom heatsink, and maybe you got some for sell!
    I will be glad to recieve some answer.

    Hugs from Spain :yh:
    Wow Pyro got the set of diode presses you sent. These are excellent! If I knew they were this good I would have bought them a long time ago! Did you mill this stuff yourself? Awesome idea and craftsmanship. :gj:

    All the best Onryo!
    Once again you have out done yourself with the build you did for me!
    I know it's a simple build, but I wouldn't trust any of my project to anyone else.
    Having only 1 working arm has limited my involvement in this hobby as well as my favorite hobby...guns!

    Thanks Jeff for your help and friendship!
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