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  • Hey Flaminpyro, good to finally get visitor message. Yeah my name is from the show you watched. but i actually got it from the movie the cable guy when i was 14. chipdouglas40 is my first email acct i ever created when i was young and it is still my primary one. I see atv's in your avatar. I ride motocross too.
    whats the deal with the orange laser Pyro? just curious, ben left like a lone post lol, wheres the rest of the convo? anyways hope all is workin for ya, ecspecialy that diode u received with bent down pins
    You need to calm down, stop lying and stop making things up. You recieved the laser you bought, 611nm orange. If it didn't look very orange to you, that is your problem with YOUR eyes, not mine. I sent you a laser that is technically orange.
    Hi FP, Sorry but I can't help ya with LaserBen. I haven't heard from him for quite awhile. Maybe he's on vacation, IDK. Sorry,pal.............rob
    Hey pal, I am surprised the sled looked so beat up, the Blu-ray diode is under the heatsink, so it s/b fine, if it was ruined & you want me to replace one, such as the red one, please send an email picture of the damage, scopeguy20@gmail.com. i would replace the red with out too much trouble. I did take a quick look at all the sleds, and I insured the package, but I can only collect on the insurance if nothing further is done with the item and we take it to the PO for thier inpection. Was this shipping caused in your opinion? I am sorry, and would hope to please you whatever the outcome. AMB! -Glenn
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