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  • There are lots of ways to do photos with a telescope Phi. You can mount a camera on to the top of a telescope
    to do wide field non magnified shoots, or you can mount the camera to the back of a cassigran telescope for primfocus, or you can mount the eye piece to the camera and slip it into the eyepice holder. I use the eyepiece holder type. it can be used on any kind of telescope. I like to get my stuff at { Orion Telescope and Binocular } It's good stuff and not as costly as other wello know companys. Here is a great 8" diameter scope:

    Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope | Orion Telescopes

    Here is what a camera eye piece holder looks like

    Orion SteadyPix Universal Camera Mount | Orion Telescopes

    Go for it Phi !
    Hi Phi
    I saw you post in many of the threads about laser and telescopes and assumed you were an astronomer too. I would love to see some poto of they scope with a laser on it.
    They probably have an astronomy club you could join too. It's a lot of fun Phi, and the night sky through a big scope will blow your mind.
    Phi - there is now an astronomers social group. Join up and post pics of your telescopes.
    hit the community tab at the top of the page to find it.
    -clear skys-
    Hello DJNY
    Thanks for the rep. I see you also use your lasers for star pointing. What kinds of ttelescopes do you use? I gave my big doberson reflector and several other scopes to the grandson when I retired and left Alaska. I kept the 9.25 and 5 inch Celestrons as they were more portable. I also use a 40mm SolarMax for viewing the Sun. The Sun is so dynamic and active it changes every day. In the Summers in Alaska the sun was in the sky day and night, so there was nothing to view but the sun. Thanks again for the Rep.:beer:
    Hey I haven't finished it up yet, but in all reality especially after the price raise of the arctic... Spartan wins hands down.
    I saw Mik´s PGL and thought about buying it, but I´m waiting until the price of my dreamlaser is getting down - RPL-500 :D
    Thanks! I have been adding to it for a while, though had I not bought them all, I could probably have bought and paid off a nice house or something, lol. IDK, I just like them alot! I even have a 400mW 532nm PGL-III-C coming soon too:D
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