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  • this is my 2nd order from you i just ordered 2 50mw green pointers typed in all my info billing and shipping and was not sent a confermation email just wondering if it went through my names keith rapp deerkiller0821@live.com
    RECEIVED the led finger lights that you gave us. It take a lot to reach my house, but due to Brazil customs and Brazil postal system, it was not a fault from Price Angels.
    (Figuring how to make the lights work)
    Thanks John!
    Where will you be posting all the information on the lasers John? I think it should be on your website, or if you make a thread here ask for it to be stickied. I know you've already told us some of the statistics in other posts but its inconvenient to have to search all your posts.
    hey I just ordered a green and red 200 mw laser from you and their not even close to 200mw, this is clearly false advertising. Can you send me a new laser that is 200mw? or should I talk to paypal?
    sorry for the problems. ok, I will send you another one. I have tried to find your adress, but failed. will you send me in that format for another time?

    Thank you
    Thanks for the finger LEDs- problem is that the red will not come on at all and the white has a switch that you have to play around with to get it to work- any chance of you sending me another set?? --best regards--hakzaw1
    John -- No problem ---
    I've been working with high power for Steve at WL !!! There are many of us here.

    Yes i'm the one with the green and white striped shirt. This was during a news year's party on January 01, 2008

    I still look the same though.
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