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    Post your random pics!

    I´ve been to the local zoo these days
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    SOLD! Laserglow Hercules 700 + EPS + BE + Tripod Mount + Suitcase: 500 dollars !!!

    Re: Laserglow Hercules 700 + EPS + tripod mount + suitcase: only 600 dollars !!! Wow hard to resist!!
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    [FEELER] CNI GLP <5mW 561nm & other wavelength's

    Care to share? Don´t know anyone owning a 561nm pen. There is a company who seem too sell them: green yellow laser pointer at 561nm, green laser pointer pen Diameter is 16.5mm there. The AAA "Rigel" / "GLP" have a 13.5mm diameter.
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    Great Camera-Deal

    Even better deal now including the 22mm STM Canon EOS M Digital Camera w EF M 22mm F 2 Lens Black Red Silver White | eBay
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    Curious Quote : How much will this cost me?

    Cause he knows that the Kryton Smooth pics I took are better :D
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    SOLD: >1W 445 Chrome Pen

    Re: FS: >1W 445 Chrome Pen One of the best builders on the forum :)
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    Near 1W 405nm awesomeness >by lazeerer< in Wickedlasers SONAR

    She is a powerul beauty isn´t she :) ISO6400 on Canon 100D with EF-S 60mm Macro @2.8
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    Near 1W 405nm awesomeness >by lazeerer< in Wickedlasers SONAR

    Wow three Sonars :D What do you plan for the non-working ones? Guess you´re right about the silver version being the first ones in the series. The Elite Pro, using 2x AAA, was released back in 2009 IIRC. There was also a black Sonar host out there. You got a nice Wicked collection there :gj:
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    Near 1W 405nm awesomeness >by lazeerer< in Wickedlasers SONAR

    Hey Smeer nice that you also got your hands on this host :drool: Did I told you from that $650 (IIRC) a guy offered me for this built some months ago? These Sonar host are just too nice, and so rare :) I shoot Craig (The_LED_Museum) a PM. He has the silver SONAR version and might give us a...
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    Near 1W 405nm awesomeness >by lazeerer< in Wickedlasers SONAR

    Yes should be an early model, it uses the 17670 batt. They used to sell for $2K for 20mW of 405nm. I used to search for that host since I started with lasers. Just love the white look and the design with the Blu-ray on it. But I´m at least as impressed with the inner workings. Kudos go to...
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    Near 1W 405nm awesomeness >by lazeerer< in Wickedlasers SONAR

    Got this super-rare Wickedlasers SONAR at high rate the other day. What Angelos (lazeerer) did, was completely renew the inner working of this laser by putting his magic and skills into it. The laser uses the soft start X-Drive with G-lense and one of his 3.8mm 405nm diodes. Angelos turned...
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    For Sale : Preowned 595mW 532nm Green Laser - CNI PGL-III-C Adjustable Focus - Mint C

    Re: FS : 532nm 500mw Green Laser - CNI PGL-III-C Your price is right/good for this laser! Just give it some time. I´m sure someone gonna get this super-bright DPSS-beam-machine :)
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    Post your random pics!

    From my short trip today searching for specific caves. Used Canon 100D and EF-S 10-18 STM lense:
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    Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight! Hands up if the moon doesn't scare you!

    Holy moly Isaac, I'm smelling a new obsession :gj:
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    Post your random pics!

    Full moon on 8/10/2014 - best I could do with my longest focal length and without tripod :) Boomerang Rollercoaster with Cobra-Roll and Looping - including the moon near one of the red lampion From another perspective a few minutes later Snake with moon Prater-Tower