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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

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  • Hey can u pm me and tell ne how to change my password? I changed it once but now i want to change it from the one i got when i forgot it
    How much could I buy of your green overspec lasers for 50 EUR? Also I live in the Netherlands so do you have to send them with international post?
    Would like to buy a super from you. How do I give you my shipping info? What other lasers do you have for sale? looking for a good green around 200+ for around $100 and a 1w blue for $200 and under thanks
    Hi, what is the minimum power output from a kinda overspec green laser from your grab bag? And could you PM me a photo of the host? What battery type does it use?
    Thank you, wall
    if I were to buy the 75 from you do you know who can turn it down(don't have the tools)? and any idea what it has to go to, to be stable and have a decent life span?
    Hey. You didn't answer this in the topic you posted in so I'll ask you here.

    I noticed you said you weren't doing the guarantee of 44mW or more because you were low on the high powered lasers. Since then however, you have obtained new stock. I will be buying one from you this weekend and was wondering if you would still do the guarantee for 2.50.

    Bryson has been such a pleasure to work with. He's prompt, courteous, and has excellent communication and quality lasers!!! :D :D :D
    I was wondering if you had any idea when you might be getting a new stock of greenies in. Im looking to buy one right now but i dont want wait if you arent expecting any in at this point.
    @Flamin: our transaction: $375 and you charge $20 for PayPal fees when I know that a $600 transaction costs $17.70 in PayPal fees. I have my facts straight. Sorry for the harsh word though :/
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