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  • Thanks Dave...I got my driver in the mail today! Less than a week after purchase!
    It worked great! And then my diode when LED while I was touching the module while grounded. I'm not sure what happened. That makes me sad.

    But, I'm happy about having my driver!
    You're an awesome fellow!
    hi daguin. Sorry to bother you, i'm new to the forum and haven't got used to all the icons and stuffand i'm using my n95 phone(ancient)., and this is the only way i can figure out how to post a question.. Sorry..! I have a blu-ray ld from a toshiba bdx1100 the numbers on the sled is s8 0711 412vt. I.ve got it running nicely on a LM317, 9v@115ma for now anyway, can you give me any info on the diode,max ma etc, or point me to anyone who can, having trouble finding any datasheet info,any help would be greatly appreciated.! Fantastic forum this..! Thanks..!
    hi daguin. i separated the black and red wires from the diode on my arctic g2.. i did that by accident because either the driver is messed up or the diode is dead or something because when i got it, i could only operate it in low power mode. as soon as i switched to high power it would only last for about one second in that mode. i figured i would open it up and maybe replace the diode or fix something inside (even though i know nothing about lasers..). i was wondering if you could either fix it or upgrade it and i would pay you. Hey, go ape-shit! you wanna make it a 2W?? 3W?? do it to it! let me know! im open to any suggestions.
    Hey there,
    Just curious if you would be willing to build a high-powered 405nm. I saw an ad on the buy/sell section of LPF a while back for one; it was built by you. I need one for my collection and I really liked the one listed, although by the time I saw it, it was sold. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanks bud!

    I second what jeffreythe00 said (- the bear ) But I can bring some rocks :p (I got a radioactive Garnet. O_O )
    Hope to see you at SELEM
    Hey Dave! Long time no chat!

    I'm posting on your wall to see if you are going to SELEM this year. I missed out last year and it would be REALLY great if you could join us this year! Bringing some local brew along and I still owe you one. If you can come this year I'll make that ONE into a six pack so you can take them home :)

    Anyway forget the beer. It would be really great in general to meet you and have you at SELEM 6 this year. You are a great asset to the forum and a very great person in general.

    Please come to SELEM!

    Hope to see you there!
    Hello Dave, i have tried to start a sale thread, but it hasn't been approve.
    Is there a reason for this?
    Cheers. Sam
    I hope I'm contacting the right person. I'm trying to create a review and when I attempt to insert an image it asks for the URL. I then have to go to my user cp click on the pic, copy the URl and go back to my review. I have multiple pics to post in this review, there has got to be an easier way to do this, please advise.

    Best Regards
    I started a for sale thread "Jayrob 2D Maglite etc etc" and I wanted to change the individual prices to "$XX +shipping" insted of price shipped. Thanks
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