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  • Hello, I hope maybe you could help me? I got your name from DTRs laser site. I received a Wicked Laser as a gift. It's the Arctic Spyder. Well I really needed a laser to kill off pests in my reef tank. The laser needs pinpoint accuracy. Wicked Lasers do not come with an adjustable lens. Someone said you have worked on Wicked lasers and can help e out? I really need to buy an adjustable lens that will fit this laser. Can you help or suggest what I should do? I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks; Laser Saber works great! You're absolutely right about adding the G2 lens, significant increase in power. Nice clean build, I like the finish on the host. A great deal on a nice laser. Thanks again.
    can i have permission to offer shares for sale on the laser sale thread.i noticed a guy selling non laser stuff on it and im not getting any response on the thread i started.i suppose most folks dont even know its there.i want to build a ufo anti gravity engine and im only asking for a hundred bucks a share.
    ive already got two investers and am only looking for a few more.
    Hello, I'd like to purchase ine of your 9mm diode MrCrouse Laser Saber host lasers. Please advise on the next steps.
    U still have therebuilt 1.2w 445nm 90$ shipped?
    Pm me if u give me same deal shipped 30721

    hi there I have an arctic 3 host and I wanted to known if you hade a complete laser module in the 2-3w variety. I have no laser building experience so a drop in module is what I am looking for. thanks!
    Thanks for deleting my duplicate thread. I created it when my browser froze and I clicked reload. In the future, is there a way I can clean up my own mess? I tried the edit/delete button but all I got was the editing page with no option to delete.
    How did I break any rules when this is right at the top of your page, "Laser pointer forums - Freely discuss companies that sell laser pointers."?
    Okay, why did you ban my account when I wasn't "spamming"? I was in no way attemtping to make sales here, I was seeking advice on whether or not my product is safe for consumers.
    Thanks Dave...I got my driver in the mail today! Less than a week after purchase!
    It worked great! And then my diode when LED while I was touching the module while grounded. I'm not sure what happened. That makes me sad.

    But, I'm happy about having my driver!
    You're an awesome fellow!
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