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  • Hello, I want to get one of these o-like 200mw green laser modules foe 135 dollars ...is the divergence good and the beamtight so it will pop balloons and light matches besides being a good price on a module? Also could a single 18650 3.6volt rechargable battery work on this module safely? Please get back in touch with me on this, or would 2 AAA lithium batteries work better? THANKS! send me a message straight to my email; acdcjedi123@yahoo.com
    I got that HeNe tube fired up this morning. It works great. Thanks again Dave for telling me about the tube and PSU acting as capacitors. I didn't know about that and you saved me from shocking myself. You really are an asset to this forum.

    So my test load worked?!
    Anyways thanks for the help, Dave go ahead and just keep the test load :)
    hi, ive just got the pioneer 8x diode sleds, the bdr 203 and the bdr s03, do you know the pin outs for them, cheers, mark.

    ps i have nearly every typr of blu-ray diode from the ps3, dt8011, phr803t, bd323, lg 4x, lg 6x, sfaw210, and now the two pioneer 8x diodes, and i have a laser bee, so maybe i can help with that all in one comparison you suggested...
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