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  • You should contact Ave/Coldshadow about that, I cam't do password resets.
    you have not learned a darn thing. your still posting crap. I have asked,told you to cut back on the mount of posting. your are on every mods hit list. They want you Gone. they are looking for a reason to ban you So wise up young man. I done with you.
    WTH is wrong with you giving neg when I made a statement to help the guy?!?!
    OOPs in my PM I erred-- at the bottom- the word 'STOP' was left out right after NOT..

    ie plz keep PMing me-OKAY??
    BTW I don't know if you ever went to a Firework display at Grand Coulee dam but I did a few of them off the top of it many years ago :D
    wow... just read your 'about me' - you got a good size family going on there-- & can see why the honeymoon was back-burnered..

    BTW barns make excellent places to set up private laser shows!!! mine was in a empty warehouse that was for sale-

    three laser projectors and 12 friends -we had a blast til 4 AM
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