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  • haha just had to comment on the last message here. Hash oil, now that is a cool idea. I better be careful if any of my crackhead "friends" want to see how my smoke machine works at future parties.
    I already had a drunk guy who tried to put his mouth on the nozzle (yes, he climbed onto a speaker to reach it), so no doubt someone is going to try to put drugs in one day.
    Oh - and there's a rumor regarding putting hash oil in the oil hazers making the laser show THAT much cooler, IIRC...
    You know - that's funny because even in larger venues we play, I spend the night constantly throttling back the hazers to compensate for the ambient "room funk" (cigarette smoke, etc) so I'll bet you're probably right...

    Hmm, Not sure if my arsenal would handle 10K people though, maybe I need more/bigger lasers - I LIKE that idea....
    i'm sure sure how many people were there......prob around 10,000 or so...but everyone was smoking enough weed and cigarettes i bet the lasers would of shown up nice, even though it was an outdoors event.
    LMAO, I got roped into doing sound all weekend for a local festival and was jonesin' for my lasers, they had a really nice robot/yoke lighting setup, don't get me wrong - I was just thinkin of how much fun I could have had with several hunded people in this HUMONGOUS white tent, like 120ft by 100 or so, nice big peaks sorta like Denver Airport....MAN that woulda been fun!
    i went to the offspring concert at city market in kansas city, MO......and the stage lighting sucked! no lasers at all.........made me think of you, you setup stage lighting and such don't you? you should come school these guys cause it looked like shit here.......who doesn't use lasers? it's preposterous!!!
    It has a MIDRANGE Compression Horn Driver, Power Handling: 40 W RMS/60 W Peak which is the perfect amount, not less not more. Impedance: 16 ohm, Frequency Response: 100 Hz~8 KHz. Any color box you like, and color tubing clear or black lol.
    Great! Like I said, you should have some fun with that module/diode combo, I've run them at 2.79v up to well over 300mA and they're like the dildas, they just keep getting brighter! I should have my Laserbee tomorrow or Sat and I'm planning on taking another extra of that setup that I have here and seeing exactly what output is possible with them, the modules in the SHINP lasers rated at 300mW look to be the same exact diode so I'm guessing (knowing the Chinese) they're the same diode, just set at different mA input for whatever output they need...

    Still waiting on word from Dave as to the status of my 6X...I'm actually secretly hoping it's a wash so I can (somehow) justify doing the 8X project :) .... Especially considering it's already in Daves hands so with a little luck and a few $$ I might even talk him into putting it together for me!

    Take care, Amigo
    No hurry, John - I'm just starting to roll into my busy season, so I know how time constraints get! Besides, I just shipped Dave my silver 6X for repairs last week and prob won't be getting it back for a week or so (it's one I bought from Jake awhile back when he was scrambling for cash, I shoulda known better, but the price was right...He heated up the pads on the driver so badly when he put it together that the whole pad came off the third or fourth time I changed batteries, so Dave's fitting her with a new flexdrive providing the diode survived, if it didn't, I'm going to have him rebuild it as an 8X) ...

    Whenever you get time, Amigo!

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