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  • Sup? Not sure where to add this, so if you could, please place it in the appropriate thread.
    Some people have been asking about o ring lubricant grease and some of the referals, while they are the name brand stuff, I have tried the plain old 'plumbers water proof grease' for rubber seals and it works great for me. It's cheaper than the other stuff, comes in small containers ,and can be found at your local hardware store for easy access (no waiting or specialty store).
    Can you tell me how to upload pics from my phone? It keeps asking for a url from a home page. I just want to upload pics of my first laser I just finished. Like the pic I was able to upload for my profile.
    You're welcome. Very disappointed that we didn't meet goal last month:( Hope this didn't cause you too much grief. Saddened that with the wealth of info and amount of money changing hands theirs not enough generosity to support the small goal every month.
    FYI OldDude1 is yet ANOTHER one of my MANY recruits I send to LPF- good guy- I will keep them coming- not my fault if they get hooked on lasers-lol
    I warn them all. -- ha ha ....have a nice Sunday--hak
    I have been away for awhile, I am back now that I am not so busy.
    Always happy to donate when I can.
    Thanks for the forum.
    Hi Coldshadow ^^ How are you :)
    Quick Q: What's it like in the Veterans thread section.

    Take care, Sm
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