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  • Hey, I didn't know you were building a new laser. I've been busy with LG Display and Canada immigration for my wife.

    Sounds good. Would like to meet me and show you my new stuff as well... hopefully
    I will try and get a new build. looking a an all copper host by sinner (in Dubai)
    Do you have a link to your laser build? Very interested!! :)
    I'm doing pretty well, thanks.
    I'm going to finish up the TN30 laser this week during my spring break and hopefully you can have a look.

    I haven't done much with the Arduino so I'm ready to return it to you, thanks!
    Whoops, didn't see your previous message because it was posted on your page. Thanks for the tests again.
    Here's the scope I was talking about. It's not 50GHz, but rather 62GHz. I really like his video experiments. Experiments and Demo of an Agilent DSA-X 96204Q 160GS/s 62GHz Oscilloscope - YouTube
    I did a propane flame test using a metal
    container. Immediately the powder discoloued
    and gave off a orangey flame and distinct smell of urathane
    coating. This powder is quite obviously
    dust collected from
    shops. Also present in the material is iron
    as well.
    Your Fe2O3 is regent grade.
    Aww crap, thanks for the tests. I guess it's time to go and argue with the paint shop owner as well. How did you know it was contaminated with urethane? How much do you think is Al out of that mixture?
    Great, thanks for the testing. Have you noticed that it goes out very easily when it's on a surface?
    Here's the Supbeam website: High Power LED Flashlight - China - SUPBEAM ® | LED Flashlight |
    I have the K40 XM-L2, and talk to Chris about making an order here: chris@supbeam.com and tell him Ryan referred you to him. :)
    Thanks for the rep! I should have really spelt "reiterate" correctly though! lol ;)
    That's awesome!
    I would certainly love to have some.
    Could you tell me the website/physical address please?
    Cheers! :beer:
    Yeah, I know, its a shame it will take me awhile to get over there. But Hey, that's really cool. That must be an a great experience to have. Really, how did you find such an opportunity?
    Drat. My Korean friends didn't get my name quite right then!

    I will go on a foreign exchange transfer for either one semester or a summer - sometime in the next 3 years. I know its awhile, but I need the time to plan. I need to decide between Korean language University or engineering for my time there. I have contacts in Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. You're teaching English right? I suppose they're treating you well then!
    Nice! I love kimchi with a little 소주! When I come to Korea, we should meet up!

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