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  • I don't know about that. 7D isn't that special. It is the man behind the camera that is important :D
    Thanks ! The warning labels are custom made and the power on the label represent the real power output. The silicon caps can be bought in several colors and can be used as tailcap and frontcap.
    Love your C6 collection. Do you have custom covers over the lenses? The warning labels really make them look pro.
    I know this is weird, but I saw this picture and it looks like we may be using the same mouse and keyboard. I've also got a Model M and a Logitech MX Revolution. That's quite the coincidence.
    And better use a 405nm pen in stead of a greenie. It is cheaper and the driver is already compartible with the 445nm diode.
    You take 2 pieces of hard wood and drill a hole in between. The diameter of the hole is slightly smaller than the diameter of the laserpen. Then press the two pieces of wood together in a plier. You turn and pull the cap out of the pen. This way you won't damage the cap or the pen.

    see this picture, http://users.telenet.be/nihao/Laser/IMG_4167.JPG
    Hey Blord, hi, how u doing? ^^
    I've read on your sig.. "445nm NewWish 20mW".. You opened the greenie pen and inserted a 445 diode there right..? How did you open the pen? Thanks.
    Hey I saw in your signature that you were building a 578nm laser, how are you going about this? Also it said you had a 10mw 635nm laser. Where did you pick this up at?
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