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    DID YOU get 'kidnapped, tied up, and taken way for ransome'?

    I need to get yor contact info as i will be hanging in the DFW area for avbout a week and want to meet with members- talk about a DFW LEM etc
    wil be with 'gadget' for just two days and we are meeting the 9th at DFWLarry's place-- evening - when I return from SELEM the 18th I will be around til the 24th when my free ride to lake JACKSON PICKS ME UP IN dALLAS.


    still a spot open in the car going to SELEM-leaving Wed Aug15th(iirc) returning mid day on following Monday--PM if interested===hak

    you should go... I am on=line now
    Your charger will work with any lithium ion cell designed to charged with 4.2 VDC.

    Most Ultrafires I've seen are 4.2 VDC.

    Hahahaha oh, the street racing. I can hear them every couple of nights going down 35 while I'm trying to sleep in my dorm. There was a lot last semester, not so much this one. I kind of like the quietness of Waco, it's a nice change from Houston. Though I will agree there's not much to do.
    I'm actually from Houston, but I'm a student at Baylor University so Waco is my new home.
    I would give them a week, so around 3 more days. Send a email to laserpointerpro asking whats the status on your order. If they dont respond by then send another stating you are opening a claim. If no response after a few days i would try and file a complaint thru that site. that's just giving them the benefit of the doubt though. If I spent more than $100 i would have a hard time waiting even that long to receive a response email...
    Thannks i got the same email from sitecomplanit so should i wait a few days and laserpointerpro will send me a tracking #??
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