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  • Você possui alguma lente de colimação pra me vender? Estou tentando usar sem sucesso as lentes objetivas de gravadores de DVD, elas possuem pequenos círculos na própria lente, o que deixa o feixe horrível, tentei usar a lente asférica que vem dentro do sled, mas como a distância focal dela é grande, nem toda luz vinda do laser passa por ela.

    Been offline after Firebase Bananas was overrun by Zombies – Took heavy casualties - Having to regroup and setup new fall back operations encampment - Limited supplies and communications unreliable
    my drivers driving :D yesss. When i was making my circuit i was putting my pot first, which was just messing it all up (or so i think.) Now i just have to de-solder the weak rckstr driver (which i'll use in a hand held later) off the diode and viola, 1watt at last HOPEFULLY :p
    are yoiu saying that your cat is having babies right now?

    has she had babies before?
    nah mate, im still waiting for some parts, wen i get them and set it all up, i'll take some pics and show you :)......i havent been on in a while just lurking and reading sam's laser faq.
    the 150mw laser from price angles was amazing it uses the CR123A rechargable battery i would have prefered an 18660 but its power and duty cycle mean i can sit outside for hours just admiring the beam
    Oh, no obligation for me, would just like to in appreciation my friend:yh:. David,
    Yeah man feels good:thanks:. I got my mouth zipped up too hope that helps. I tried to +rep you but I'll have to wait a bit longer. Thanks man, best regards:yh:.
    Sure thing, man! Just shoot me a PM or leave me a public message here.

    Those kids got off easily, they could've died horribly for even trying to imagine they could be capable of scratching one of Chuck Norris' nails.
    Hey, thank you for the friendship man I really appreciate it! Yes you are right I do have to watch what I say. Sometimes I think I should say nothing because I'm learning here and that there are many ways something can be taken. Heck I still get in trouble with my wife with my big mouth. Thanks again and best regards.
    Thank you so much for the kind & sincere words, Leo. It's really fine to hear a description of yourself like this from another Member, but to have it written down where all can see it, makes your words all that much more sincere. Thank you so much, but I don't get out to BRAZIL too often, lol.....................rob
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