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  • I am very interested in both your current Laser for sale as well as your other build in progress. Can you give me more information on both? I am in the US, and also wondered how shipping works, since some companies no longer ship to U.S. Also, do you take Paypal? Thank you for your time.
    Hello Chief , how are things? I hope your well! I just wanted to say that I'm very sorry that I havn't been in touch to say thank you for the laser that you sent me , my life has been in limbo for a while , it's an awsome piece of kit and works fine , so thank you again! I'll catch up soon buddy , all the very best to you for now and with my kind regards , Chris in Jersey :)
    Thanks for the offer Kot regarding the switch for the Olike 1 W blue. Sorry its taken so long to reply to you. I was sick for awhile and alot going on here but feeling much better now. By the way, it was me who referred the kid in LA to you (Areg) who also bought the black 2 Watt from you. Im glad he likes it and bought the laser from you.

    I get back to you later regarding the switch. Id have to find a decent camera. I hope all is going well with you...
    I am interested in one of your lasers. Can you give me a quote on the full price to ship it to the state of Utah in the USA.
    Sorry didn't realize you were out of u.s. really don't want to deal with customs and 400 is a little out of my range of what I wanna pay for a laser.....sorry for waisting your time and good luck with the badass buld/sale
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