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May 9, 2011
Nov 11, 2014
My order for the RGB array got cancelled yesterday. They claim it did not produce sufficient power so they will let me know when they have units that perform better. Right now the listing is still up so I wonder if other orders will also be cancelled while its still up.
Did you find another source around the same price?
Does anybody have an RGB NUMB12 in transit atm? (shipped) if so from where /link?

When I looked into these arrays before the Lunar New Year, the prices were quite a bit higher, than the listed 114USD on eBay.. all the other sources I could find were +250US and up to around 400US + shipping and 25% VAT.
So I wonder if that is the actual reason that your listing was canceled - if these relatively new NUMB12 RGB-arrays so-called inner value are somewhat higher, and not the old excuse "issues with the product performance" you got handed.

The only listings I saw of NUMB12, that were in this lower price-ballpark were the ones from OpticsLD, on eBay, and a few of the other thirdparty sale stores they have.
I also ordered 1x unit - it's been on the back burner since early February, - not shipped yet and likely won't as the price was even lower than eBay, and that specific listing almost tripled in price a few days ago.
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