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Jan 5, 2016
Hi, I have a few questions about some things I would like to order from DTR (unrelated to the recent G-ball diodes discussion haha)

1. What is the total assembled length of a full solid copper 12mm module, and how about one with a half back?
2. If running at 4.5A output, powering a NUMB44-V2, with 2 Li-Ion cells in series on the input; is there a difference in using the Super X-drive vs the ACS4500BU? In my case either driver would be heatsinked to a flat surface on the host body. I will not use TTL of the SXD, nor the push button option of the ACS4500.
The only difference I can tell then is that one side of the ACS4500 is unpopulated, and it is a little bit larger than the SXD. Are they both about equally efficient?


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Jun 24, 2010
The main differences are the TTL option on the SXD and the ACS units have no components on the underside designed to be flat mounted for heatsinking the driver. The SXD is mounted via the 8 pin chip to heatsink it.

No difference with that configuration. Both will deliver 4.5A to the diode.

They are both very efficient but I have not done a comparison test to see which one is better.

See this for the assembled lengths of the 12mm copper mount with the full length solid and half length solid backs.🍺