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IB International educator and MYP Design department head in B.C.
Victoria, British Columbia
Intl. and local B.C.Teacher and Company instructor (FSE LG Display)




650nm ~350mW DVD 20x diode RyanSoh3 Class IIIb
650nm ~350mW DVD 22x 3.5mm labby build 2010 Class IIIb
532nm 10mW-15mW DPSS Module IR filtered(S.Korea)RyanSoh3 Class IIIb
450nm CarbonFiber ElectricPlasma build 9mm +6W Class IV
445nm 3.49W pk ~3.15W av. Sinner Cypreus II +DTR 9mm 445nm Class IV
445nm RHD Saber Twins 2.7W ~2.35W pk Class IV
445nm A140 module x2 Maxsink Class IV
405nm Daguin Kryton Groove SO6J 700mW build. Class IV
405nm Olike 560mW-600mW pen sold Scopeguy20
Class IV
337.1nm TEA Nitrogen laser project 2011 Class IIIb
Die4Drivers 1.3v lab laser/projector driver

Laserbee 3.2W Deluxe LPM
ARGMeter 1.1v
Ophir 20C-A sensor

Peregrine 1.5.0 is working now on MacOSX Yay!!


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