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  • Hey there , you posted on my thread the other day, it should be DELETED?
    this is how you greet newcomers.. Xd .. well just kidding.. dear bro.. i was really surprised by all the responses about the selling and buying thing and i am sure i have learnt a lot from that.. I wish to hear more suggestions, Trust me i maybe no better than you guys but i have a heart made of electronics.. ;) I will be looking forward for your help n suggestions on my thread.. Have a nice day!
    Are you planning to build "Introducing the "Mosquito Red" - 1A Single-Cell Mitsubishi 635 Driver" to sell with the Tiny C3 Single-CR2 Host? If so, what would the cost be? Thanks.
    Start a thread dude, I may be interested in two of them, and the very least I'll definitely do one. I've wanted an RGB kit since white fusion came out and sightfx was the one producing it. Back then, I didn't have the funds. Now I'm definitely ready for it :D I know people will be interested that price is a steal dude.
    Hey, you scrapped the plans for the RGB housing you were prototyping?
    NOOOOOOOOOO! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TURTLES? I told you that GPS tag wasn't expensive :( Why? Why? What if they meet a rat that teaches them to use bladed weapons?
    Hey Ibu, thanks for the positive feedback on that build! Cheers.
    Hi, thanks for your input on that post about the 635nm laser, the 180mw build you did is just amazing then.
    Quick note before you leave, you will not find any other laser forum that gives you the freedom to say what you want than here. Go take a few weeks and found out how it really is. Then we'll see you when you get back with no hard feelings and open arms.
    I tend to agree with this quote but I won't neg rep you for it that would be out of line in my book.
    I'm with Jake and Leo. Since I find you basically in all the threads I view, and your help was very valuable while designing my driver.
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